LAIPA, The Literary Alliance of Independently Published Authors, is an Association for Independent Writers and Authors.

We are a community of writers and authors who support and empower independent creators in their literary endeavors.

Becoming a member of LAIPA is easy! Just visit our “Join Us” page and follow the instructions to sign up.

Membership is open to both aspiring and established writers. 

Membership is subject to approval to ensure the credibility and authenticity of our members.

To participate in LAIPA events and workshops, you can check our “Events” page for upcoming activities. Register for the events you’re interested in, and follow the provided instructions for participation.

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LAIPA hosts a variety of workshops and webinars covering topics such as writing techniques, self-publishing, book marketing, and author branding. Check our “Events” page for the latest offerings.

LAIPA members enjoy a range of benefits, including access to educational resources, networking opportunities, critique groups, industry insights, and exclusive events.

Visit our “Member Benefits” page for more details.

No, you do not need to be a published author to join LAIPA. We welcome writers at all stages of their literary journey, from beginners to experienced authors.

LAIPA facilitates critique groups for members who want to receive feedback on their work.

You can express your interest in joining a critique group on the “Members Only” section of our website.

Yes, we provide resources and guidance for self-publishing authors.

Our “Resource Library” is a valuable source of information on self-publishing, book formatting, and marketing strategies.

LAIPA is inclusive of all literary genres and types of writing. Our community embraces diversity and welcomes authors from various backgrounds and writing styles.

We welcome contributions and involvement from our members. If you’d like to volunteer, contribute content, or share your expertise, please reach out through our “Contact Us” page to discuss how you can be a part of our community.

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