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LAIPA is committed to fostering a community that empowers writers to pursue their creative passions.


The Literary Alliance of Independently Published Authors (LAIPA), founded in 2018, is an independent, non-profit, volunteer-led organization promoting the artistic efforts of independent authors. LAIPA Association has a mission to provide information and education about independent publishing, to advocate for independent authors’ rights with the government and industry, as well as to work with both government and industry to resolve issues that are facing the industry.

Our Vision

To empower self-published authors and revolutionize the literary landscape by creating a vibrant and inclusive community that values their contributions. Ensuring Independent Authors Have a Voice!

Our Mission

To represent and articulate the best interests of independent authors through continuous recognition as the trusted voice of the independent authors' coalition, as well as promote the growth and vitality of literature

Our Commitment

LAIPA is committed to finding solutions that will help independent writers overcome the issues and challenges they face in the ever-changing global industry. A major focus of LAIPA is the representation of independent writers and authors in the literary publishing industry.

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Hype, Advocacy, Community

We're a membership-based organization that strives to empower self-published authors, challenge industry norms, and reshape the perception of their work.


We believe in the power of hype and are passionate about generating excitement, energy, and enthusiasm for the works of self-published authors. We celebrate their achievements, share their stories, and create a buzz that propels their voices to the forefront of the literary world.


We are dedicated to championing the interests and rights of self-published authors. LAIPA firmly believe that every author, regardless of their publishing path, deserves the chance to be heard and valued. At LAIPA, we advocate for fair and equal opportunities, fostering a supportive ecosystem, and working towards creating a more inclusive literary community


Building a vibrant and supportive community is central to our values. Through networking events, workshops, and online platforms, we create opportunities for connection, collaboration, and mutual growth. We believe that together, we can create a powerful collective that uplifts and amplifies the voices of self-published authors.

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We are dedicated to ensure that every event we hold is geared towards elevating and empowering our members to learn, connect, and succeed. Our mission as an organisation is firmly anchored in our belief that every event is integral to the growth and success of our community. From panel discussions, workshops, to networking events, we ensure that every event is meticulously planned to enable all participants to have the best experience possible.


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