Code of Conduct

Who can access the LAIPA Member’s Portal member portal?

Please note that the LAIPA Member’s Portal member portal is to be used by members of the LAIPA Member’s Portal only. Certain workspaces within the member portal will be tailored for and restricted to certain membership types; access to these areas will be determined and approved by LAIPA Member’s Portal staff. The Content that is displayed in your member portal will automatically vary based on your user/membership type.

What can be posted?

To ensure all interactions within the LAIPA Member’s Portal member portal are safe and friendly, LAIPA Member’s Portal staff will oversee the member portal activity and will review, edit, and delete any inappropriate content that has been submitted. This includes abusive or offensive language, spam, malicious files, or other disrespectful content. To help provide a productive environment, please report any offensive or suspicious activity to LAIPA Member’s Portal staff. Please note that not all user-submitted content is representative of LAIPA Member’s Portal, nor does it necessarily represent the views of LAIPA Member’s Portal, its staff, or members.

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