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  • Karin

    November 2, 2023 at 8:56 PM

    My characters usually change and grow. They are people with challenges and shortcomings. In this case, I’ll bring Gaia into the conversation. In the earlier books of the Quade series she’s the matriarch and a side character, but in the 4th book, Yesterday, she’s the star, along with her future husband Harry.

    So far her talent for talking to restless spirits has developed steadily from when we first meet her as a child who draws the faces of the dead when she is in trance. However, her artistic talent only manifests when she is having a vision or in an altered state talking to them directly. She’s restless, and from early on expresses her desire to travel, to get away from her village in Ireland. At the moment she’s disappeared into the fairy realm to help Price Oberon find his missing Aunt.